​Upholstery Cleaning

Do you live in your home?

If the answer to this question is yes, our bet is that your upholstered furniture has taken a beating. Spills from kids, hair from dogs and cats, and soil from everyday use can make chairs, sofas, and love seats uninviting. Sitting in your most comfortable chair and smelling Fido’s playtime grime just ruins your relax time, doesn’t it? Good news! Xtrax cleans upholstered furniture.

All I have to do is spray this stuff on my sofa, right?
There are some television commercials out there that want you to believe that if your furniture smells good, it’s clean. Chances are, when you use these products, you just mask the smell of daily use. Just like your t-shirts and favorite jeans, your furniture has contact with your body every day. They get dirty. Xtrax deep cleans and removes the soil that makes your sofa gross.

Clean upholstery, no messy wet furniture.

Xtrax uses a dry foam cleaning system. What’s dry foam? Great question… Our dry foam system is very low moisture. The truth is, our upholstery cleaning system uses a mere 10% water, allowing the soil to be removed from the upholstery without overly wetting the cushion inside. Your furniture is ready to use in 45 minutes with no sticky residue, no shrinkage, and immediate results.

Our upholstery cleaning is safe for use on all types of fabrics and upholstery!

Xtrax uses the Host™ system for carpet cleaning. Host™ was developed by Racine Industries, the pioneer in dry extraction technology. For more information, visit www.hostdry.com.