​Easy, hassle-free cleaning…

You’ve made a significant investment in your business, and you rely on that investment to bring you a return. Having damp or wet carpet in your building halts your company’s productivity. It reduces mobility, reduces indoor air quality, and proposes a huge safety risk. Because Xtrax uses dry extraction, you know that your carpet can be cleaned or maintained effectively without these risks.​:

LEED (​Leadership in Energy
​& Environmental Design)

The U.S Green Building Council’s LEED Green Building Rating System is “a voluntary, consensus-based, national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings.”
Utilizing our method of dry extraction cleaning may contribute to earning:
1. &nbsp Energy and Atmosphere credits (up to 2 credits) by optimizing energy performance and by sustaining building operations and maintenance through proper staff education.
2. &nbsp Materials and Resources credits (up to 4 credits) by optimizing the use of IAQ compliant products and by implementing the use of sustainable cleaning products and materials.
3. &nbsp Water Efficiency credits (up to 3 credits) by reducing total water use by 10% or 20% and by reducing wastewater generation
4. &nbsp Indoor Environmetal Quality credits (up to 3 credits) by optimizing practices that prevent the development of IEQ problems, by including green cleaning of entryways and by the use of cleaning products with a low environmental impact.
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)…

The cost of an unhealthy building is hard to determine, but that doesn’t mean building owners and managers shouldn’t do everything possible to keep the healthiest environment possible. By using the only EPA registered carpet cleaning system Xtrax will remove the maximum amount of allergen possible from your carpet. The cleaner the carpet, the healthier the building and the healthier the people doing work in the building.

Xtrax uses the Host™ system for carpet cleaning. Host™ was developed by Racine Industries, the pioneer in dry extraction technology. For more information, visit