​Carpet Cleaning

If you’re looking for information on how dry extraction cleaning works, please visit the Process page.  
There are many different methods of cleaning out there…  wet extraction, steam, rotary bonnet, dry chemical, encapsulation, and dry extraction just to name a few.  Xtrax chose HOST™ dry extraction cleaning for many reasons.  He’s why we think it’s better:

I love this carpet cleaning method. So dry and cleans very well and a quick overall process. The service and serviceman were excellent.

​May 2016

“Better Than Wetter”

• Carpets are dry and ready for use immediately rather than hours later• Does not create conditions for mold to grow under your carpet
• Is safe for all types of carpets and will not break down glues or carpet backing
• Will not pollute our local water supply by releasing chemicals or detergents into the environment. HOST™ Sponges are 100% natural and contain no harsh chemicals

​​Removes Allergen
The HOST™ system holds an EPA registration for it’s ability to remove allergen from your carpet. In a single cleaning, HOST™ has been shown to reduce:

​​Removes Allergen

Dust mites by 78%
Dust mite allergen by 75%
Pet allergen by 85%
​• Mold spores by 85%
(EPA Establishment No. 074202-WI-001)

Residues and Re-Soiling Or…
​“Why won’t my carpet stay clean?”
Most methods of carpet cleaning rely on two steps… scrubbing a wet detergent into the carpet and vacuuming it out. Often times, too much of this detergent remains in the carpet leaving a soapy residue. Have you ever had carpets re-soil within six months after a cleaning? Did the traffic lanes in your home come back darker and darker? Chances are, too much detergent was left in your carpet, and the more you walked on it, the more soil it picked up from your shoes.

The HOST™ System is made up of 100% natural detergents and solvents that leave no sticky residue behind. An Xtrax clean will leave your carpets looking better for longer.

Going Green Isn’t Just For the Earth Anymore

With less water consumption and the lack of a need to redistribute toxic cleaning agents back into the environment, HOST™ is way ahead of the game. Racine Industries, developer of the HOST™ system is a Green Seal Certified company. The entire Wisconson-based company has undergone rigorous examination of manufacturing processes, building operations, and office waste to prove the minimality of their carbon footprint. Here’s the good news.
Because Xtrax is a company that utilizes green cleaning products and practices, you can be sure your kids, pets, and loved ones won’t be in contact with potentially dangerous chemical residues in your carpet.

Xtrax uses the Host™ system for carpet cleaning. Host™ was developed by Racine Industries, the pioneer in dry extraction technology. For more information, visit www.hostdry.com.